The Markham is 340 ft long ocean going hopper dredge. It spent most of it's time working in the Great Lakes. It was the Cadillac of hopper dredges back in the 1960's with many new innovations which included bow thrusters and an advanced pumpout system. Now the Markham sits 18 miles out of Masonboro Inlet in 85 ft of water. It was sunk by the NC Division of Marine Fisheries in 1994. When the charges were blown to sink it, the ship listed and now rests on it's port side.

The Markham is a very popular dive. It is a few hundred yards away from the Hyde which makes for a good combination of dives. Like the Hyde, during the summer months sand tiger sharks make this wreck their home. One of the highlights of this wreck is the massive prop on it's stern.

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